Works for sale as NFTs

I have tokens still available for primary sale from many of my collections, and tokens are available on secondary for most. Given the fluctuation in ETH & XTZ prices, I prefer to leave these pieces unlisted, and instead request that collectors reach out to me directly. Pricing ranges from ~$500-$9,000 USD depending on the series and the piece, so please get in touch if there’s a piece you’re interested in.

The link below will lead you to the tokens in my wallet from each of these collections – these are the tokens still available for primary sale. Most of my work includes the original plotter drawing, to be claimed by the owner if they so desire (I can also hold onto the physical). If the physical has been claimed, upon resale on the secondary market, the original drawing shall be shipped to the new owner. The receiver will cover shipping costs.

eth: schwittlick.eth (0x2C2690038dAF35b6217A8115A0b5E191b4eD1dE8)
tez: schwittlick.tez (tz1c3hFmjFSwunjLHECnYyjr42KRt5YiHrGX)

For questions and inquiries please reach out to or dm me on Twitter at @schwittlick_

Composition #52
Composition #65
Composition #73
Composition #79
Composition #82 (plots)
Upward Spiral
It is what it is
The Long Run
Composition #92 (Luminograms)

The following series are available from secondary market listings:

Composition #69
Composition #83
Composition #82 (digital)
Upward Spiral Process Works
Composition #92 (Digital)

Shipping arrangements will be handled via Artfora. e.g.
Composition #83
Composition #82
It is what it is

Depending on the status of a token on Artfora (Redeemed or Available) interested collectors can find out whether the original is currently with a collector or still in the studio of Marcel Schwittlick. If it's available, a purchase of the token on the secondary market is straight forward and the original can be redeemed via artfora and the original will be shipped to your address. If it's already redeemed, the original is already with the current collector of the pieces. As of writing, please find a way to contact the holder of the token and inquire regarding the shipping of the original. In case you have questions don't hesitate to reach out via

Additional information about the shipping procedure: shipping